"Thank you so much, I felt amazing working with Susan"


Judy Reyes, Actor

"Susan is always my first call when I come to Vegas and the first person I recommend who is coming to Vegas"


Heather Cummings, Makeup Dept Head for You think You Can Dance

"I had a blast with Susan on the set"


Mary Wilson, Singer

"I can't wait to work with you again"


Duke Fakir, Singer of the Four Tops

Dear Susan,

"Exellent service and and a great person. Kept me alive, healthy and looking good during a Las Vegas photo shoot. Highly recommend!"


Jerry aka FPC

" I have worked with Susan for over ten years. She always is a consumate proffesional adding her expertise and insight to every project. She is ALWAYS my first call"


Erin O'Boyle, Photographer Las Vegas

2010 - present



The Hangover                                             Warner Brothers
Return to Witch Mountain                        Disney
Dollan's Cadillac                                        Cadillac Prairie Productions
What Happens in Vegas/Feature           20th Century Fox
Ocean's 13                                                  0 13 productions
Ocean's 12                                                  0 12 productions
Mickey and Olivia                                      Mickey and Olivia Prods.
"RSVP"                                                          Venice Productions
Hank Greenspun Documentary/Film    SGP Media
Christmas Vacation                                   Adel Productions
"House of the Dead"                                 Anastasia Productions
"21" /Promo                                                Spike TV
Interview with a Zombie                           American Eagle Productions

Paris Hilton's My New BFF                      MTV Networks
So you think you can Dance                   Fox Network/Dick Clark Prd
Last Comic Standing                                Spike TV
UFC Promo's ( 10 Seasons)                    Spike TV
CNBC Mad Money                                   CNBC
CNBC The Big Idea                                  CNBC
Next Food Network Star                         CBS Productions
Battle of the Bands                                  TKO Entertainment
World Series of Black Jack                      Montana Productions
Food Detective/Food Network               O'Malley Productions
Casino Cinema/ 3 seasons                    Spike TV
Wayne Allyn Root/tv series                    Sun Media
Game Head                                               Spike TV
A & E Chopper                                          Anyway Artist
Hooters 10/11/12 Annual Bikini            Spike TV
Top Chef/Bravo/NBC                               Magical Elves Productions
Food Network                                            Food Network
David Ortiz/Pitcher                                  ESPN/night train prod.
America's Most Wanted                         Fox Television
Sigfried and Roy Special                         NBC Studios
ESPN/I'd do Anything/TV                         Deal with the Devil Prods.
She House                                                 City Lights Television
Making the Band                                      MTV Series Development
A & E Chris Angel/Carey Hart               The glenn Schubert company
World Combat League, LP                     World Combat League, L.P.
Bravo TV/Max Kellerman                       Remote Productions
Race to the Altar                                      LMNO Productions
The View/Green Room/ Guest              ABC Studios
Pit Stop Comedy                                      Triage Productions
Pro Form Abs                                            Impatient Cow

AWG Executive Portraits/5 seasons    Erin O'Boyle Photography
Ameristar Casino                                     Erin O'Boyle Photography
MGM Executive Portraits                       Erin O'Boyle Photography
UFC Promo's ( 9 Seasons)                      Kevin Lynch Studios
People Magazine 'Rescue Me"             People Magazine
Courtney/Michael Dell                            Cosmo Girl Magazine
Sirens/Treasure Island                           Vegas Magazine
Alexander Mc Queen                              Alexander Mc Queen
Reem Acra Designer                               NBC Productions

Nutrisystem/Real People                     Center City Film and Video
Herbal Essences                                    MTV NY Productions
Susan Luci/Youthful Essence               Lieberman Productions
Harrah's Commercial                           Dennis Murphy Productions
Good Wrench                                          Joe Blow Films
Latino Grammy's                                   Letca Films
Peoples Auto Dealership                     Sun Media
HSBC Operations                                  Ian N. Karr Associates, Inc
Target/Reed Sorenson                         Digital Kitchen
LVCVA                                                       Airwave Productions
First Good Shepard Church                 Laguna Productions
Bank of America February                  Erin O'Boyle Photography
Mickey's Throws Down                        Media Underground
Mountain's Edge                                   Stella Productions
MMG                                                        Heavy Inc.

Music Videos    
Carrie Underwood                              Revolution Pictures, Inc
Michael Jackson Video                       Believe Media
The Killers                                             Def Jam/Island Music
References Available upon request

2010 - present