It has been my experience that television is a medium where 'time is of the essence".  Working on live feeds, my job is to check for the proper lighting and setting up before 'on air talent' arrives. Working in a calm and timely manner, that is both relaxing and quiet, for talent - whether a Celebrity, Star or Political figure - can feel confident that they will look their best on camera as they gather their thoughts for their On Air time.


Communication on a live set is a subtle dance with the director and artist. My work depends on timing and organization and speed. Knowing when it is possible to approach talent for touch-ups … or not. 


Commercials are unique! The Client and agency get 30 seconds to tell a story and "sell" their idea. Preparing a Celebrity, Host or Politician presents a unique situation of absolute perfection.  It is my job to pay attention to every tiny detail of makeup application and hair styling. There is no room for 'practicing' or trying new techniques. This is the time to be as exact and keep the on camera talent looking as fresh at the end of the day as when they started.  Filming a commercial and working as a Celebrity Makeup Artist gives me the motivation to put my heart and soul into the attention to detail.


Anticipating the next move means lighting and camera changes which means makeup application may need to be changed on the move. Thinking ahead and being prepared for the 'plan b'.