"It is my belief that my client's needs are the most important aspect of my profession. I am committed to meeting those needs as a professional makeup artist.  
As a result of my professionalism, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals".


Hi Definition Cameras, Mega Screens and Green Screen along with differentials of lighting temperatures and the knowledge of makeup application is what sets apart the makeup ‘hobbyist’ from the seasoned professional.  Set etiquette is learned from experience. All this is what I have to offer from my years of experience.  There IS a difference with every single camera or where the media is going to be applied. Makeup application is a variation on a theme; however, it is a 'variation'.


Not all makeup artists are the same and not every application is the same. Variables and Flexibility is what I strive for along with excellence in every project.  It is very easy to be an ordinary makeup artist, however my drive and thirst for perfection makes me 'extraordinary'.  I actually get a little nervous before every job 'in a good way'. I have been told by some of the best performers in the industry that when I loose that little 'edge' of nerves, I will need to go on vacation. LOL !


My personal check list:

Preparation and knowledge

Cleanliness is never compromised

Professionalism and knowing the medium and lighting

Communication, listening and observation along with anticipation for the next step



Susan Simone